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PDP CHAIRMANSHIP: Its our Turn-Sapele LG


By Omo Ighodalo

Sapele political leaders on Sunday rose from a meeting in Elume, insisting that the chairmanship of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) in Delta State must come to Sapele Local Government Area.

They also said that the speculations that some individuals in the party would try to jettison the zoning tradition and attain second term in office for the Delta State PDP chairman, Mr. Kingsley Esiso was raising political tensions and if proven true, threatens to unleash a major turmoil and conflict.

‘’There is an impending injustice and injury about to be meted to the long suffering people of Sapele Local Government. The only position zoned to Sapele Local Government is on the verge of being hijacked by the forces of darkness. Some people are bent on causing crises and possible implosion of our great party, PDP in Sapele Local Government Area’’ the leaders said.

Briefing journalists in Sapele on the forthcoming Delta State PDP Congress, the spokesman of the Sapele PDP Leaders Forum, Mr. Arusuaine Akoko said though Esiso had not officially declared his intention, but that there was need to respect zoning.

‘’At the federal, state and local government levels, zoning is strictly adhered to. The case of Delta State must not be different’’.

Akoko said the position of Sapele leaders on the Delta State PDP chairmanship remains unchanged.

‘’The former Sapele Local Government chairman, Mr. Godwin Atose is the only candidate for the party’s chairmanship’’.

The leaders described as huge joke, ridiculous and unacceptable the purported plan to impose Mr. Kingsley Esiso on the good people of Sapele.

‘’We believe in the principles of truth and steadfastness. There are 25 Local Government Areas in Delta State and for the sake of equity, transparency, fairness and inclusiveness, the party zoned the various offices to different local government areas’’

The leaders advised those behind the mischievous agenda not to destroy the party.

‘’This is a flagrant violation of party procedures and disregard of the principle of zoning in the People’s Democratic Party (PDP).

They underscored zoning aberration and the deliberate intention of some people to kill Sapele PDP because of their inordinate ambition.

‘’Zoning is a time tested winning formula of the greatest party in Africa, the People’s Democratic Party (PDP). The secret for the longevity or the phoenix nature of the PDP is the utmost respect for the zoning of all party’s positions’’

The leaders, under the aegis of Sapele PDP Leaders Forum, urged Delta State Governor, Dr. Ifeanyi Okowa, Ex-Governor, Chief James Ibori, Former Minister of Information, Prof Sam Oyovbaire and other PDP leaders in Delta State not to put the party and Sapele Local Government Area through unnecessary shocks and strains.

‘’The peace loving people of Sapele Local Government Area humbly appeal to well-meaning PDP members all over the country and Delta State in particular to do what is right by ensuring that the party’s State Chairmanship zoned to Sapele Local Government Area is occupied by an indigene’’

They also reminded PDP leaders in the state of justice, equity and progress demonstrated by the founders of the party in the dark days of military dictatorship.

‘’It is a truism that all politics is local. In all the 24 local government areas, the positions zoned to them are occupied by the indigenes of the local government areas and the case of Sapele Local Government Area must and cannot be different’’

Honourable Felix Anirah, Chief Margaret Unukegwo and other Sapele PDP Leaders are backing Godwin Atose for the chairmanship of the party.

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