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A Constitutional Lawyer, believes Obaseki has issues with his certificates.


Prof. Edoba Omoregie, Professor of Constitutional Law University of Benin and Director Nigeria Institute of Legislative Studies, Abuja has this to say about the Obaseki debacle in reply to a post by his friend and an Obaseki supporter, Eromosele Igbegu


Politics is not a mathematical game. The people who you think are disillusioned today, will change their minds in the next few days. September is a long time away. Let’s face it, how can a man going for an interview for sponsorship have issues with the documents he claims, or cannot produce documents he claims, and still be complaining? I think the sentiments against Adams Oshiomhole is the reason why folks are not addressing the issues with the expected logic. A man claims to have an AL certificate with which he gained admission into the university, but when asked to produce the certificate, he couldn’t. Then, he couldn’t explain the error in his name even as he claims to have had the NYSC discharge certificate in his possession since 1980! Then, the affidavit which he deposed to claiming to have lost his certificates is disowned by the same court where he allegedly swore to the affidavit. If these are not weighty discrepancies enough to warn a political party from taking chances with such an aspirant, I wonder what else is. I can assure you that this man will not seek the ticket elsewhere. If he does, he will be disqualified by he court before the September election except he can offer plausible explanations for these discrepancies. I doubt very much if he can. His problems are greater than people think. The man has been exposed, badly!😂😂

Eromosele Igbegu if I were in his shoes, I will let go and remain in my party. He has been Governor for 4 years under the party’s sponsorship. He should bother less about the humiliation which is actually self-inflicted. Otherwise, when he leaves office, hmmm. The issues raised against him bother on forgery. Without immunity, he may face trial and like the Holy Book says, if he doesn’t make peace now while he still can, he may face penitentiary consequences!!!

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