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APC used murder rap to force PDP ex-chair to decamp. *PDP abandoned us


By Emmanuel Iriogbe.

More facts have emerged on the real reason why erstwhile Chairman of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, in Lagos state, Hon. Moshood Salvadore decamped from the party to join the All Progressive Congress, APC,.

Impeccable source told Penpushers that the ruling APC blackmailed Salvador’s with trumped up murder charge which led to his incarceration and eventual acquittal to force him out of the party.

Also, the PDP disappointed him by their non challant attitude during his travails.

According to a chieftain of the party in Lagos state who preferred to be anonymous while speaking before the eventual defection noted “The Lagos state PDP chairman Hon. Salvador called a meeting yesterday only to announce his plan to defect to APC while urging us to move with him.

“I couldn’t sleep overnight,  having worked tirelessly in conjunction with him to work for the Abubakar Atiku’s project . I regained my consciousness with my self research conviction that having been released from prison custody over the murder of Apapa local government chairman few days ago had everything to do with the assistance he got from the  Lagos state public prosecutor in quashing the charges against him”

Speaking further, the party Chieftain disclosed Salvadore was mobilizing over five hundred people per ward in Lagos state to join him during declaration on slated for Tuesday or Thursday. “Thank God those who believe in  Atiku believe in him 100% .Well, we wish him goodluck but we are sure he will have only his kitchen cabinet to decamp with him if all efforts since yesterday from top PDP heirachy to pasuade him failed. I therefore advise all support groups in Lagos to keep an eye on their members’. He concluded.

However, another party member who was in the gulag along with Salvador in Ikoyi prison is of the opinion that the PDP abandoned the former Chairman and others to their faith during their travails, hence the former’s decision to leave the party

“It’s unfortunate that we are going to lose Hon Moshood Salvador in Lagos State. He tried his best to unite the Party but the powers that be for ulterior interest resisted only to slam spurious murder charge on him and some of us. His major grouse is that we were left to our fate by the party’ National Leaders. in particular and others in general towards our release. Can anyone tell us how we were able to come out of IKOYI PRISON? HE felt neglected and his life threatened. He has resolved not to be in the same Party with his accusers amongst other complaints.

“I would have jumped ship with him but for my belief in PDP that is a sort of RELIGION to me and the onerous task in assisting to make  His Excellency, Atiku Abubaker, the next President of this country. Let’s put our self in his shoes before dispassionate judgment is passed. Remember it’s a MURDER CASE” He said.

He admonished that Lagos state PDP needs a strong character like Salvador, who he said has the will to fight to the last if the party dreams of wresting power from the APC.

All efforts to get reaction from the member representing Amuwo Odofin in the House of Representatives, Oghene Emma-Egoh, PDP, a known staunch supporter of Salvador, proved abortive as he did not pick his calls.

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