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The Controller General, Federal Fire Service, Engr. Joseph Garba Anebi whose 35 years mandatory service terminated on Friday, 31 August, 2018 is yet to hand over the affairs of the Service to his second in command contrary to rule of law and the General Order guiding the Public Service.

Sources close to the Service gathered that as at close of work on Friday, the CG was seen in his office.

What is more interesting about the whole issue according to our source was that the CG called a management meeting to inform them that the Ministry of interior had written to the Presidency to request for a 4-month extension of Service on his behalf.

He further confirmed that as at the time of the meeting he was yet to receive an approval.

This is fraudulent, since it means that our No. 1 Fireman is discharging the duties of his office based on anticipatory approval.

On further investigation, it was gathered that the CG Fire was issued a letter in June, 2018 from the Presidency directing him to hand over to the second in command and proceed on a forced retirement.

He however, rallied resources and goodwill to get a soft-landing to serve till his mandatory 35 years which was 31 August, 2018.

It then beats the imagination that somebody who was to proceed on forced- retirement in June is being considered for an extension of service.

Nigerians are watching to see how the events at the Federal Fire Service would unfold or are we looking at another case of Maina at the Interior Ministry?

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