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Dear Colleagues and friends of the union: Forward together, we shallt NUJ to the Zenith-Ogbeche


December 9, 2021
Abuja – FCT.

Dear Colleagues and friends of the union,

Over the course of the past few days, and after the euphoria of the election, I have been reflecting on the momentous event and the weight of the humbling experience.

I have been actively involved in unionism since my undergraduate days at the University of Calabar and I confess that I’m yet to witness a near-complete ownership of a process as evidenced in the 2021 NUJ FCT Elections. It is in this wise that I wish to assure each and every one that has supported this process that the Fresh Start Reloaded team led by me will not take this for granted.

I wish to assure you of our commitment to truly build a Union that is reflective of our common aspirations and objectives – professionalism, welfare, advocacy and accountability.

Our union is far from being where it should be; a union that is peopled by well-informed, passionate, purpose-driven and socially accountable. To achieve these, capacity of members is vital. In this regard, we will pursue the issue of capacity development with utmost vigour. We will leverage on already established stakeholders’ synergy as well as explore new grounds to assist our members to learn, unlearn, relearn and fully developed to be in tune with new trends in journalism and media practice and to be positioned to demand accountability, transparency, good governance, rule of law and integration.

Our Council is still faced with infrastructural challenges. Our event hall is yet to be completed. Our main building is still at the ground floor amidst other developmental projects. We will work with stakeholders to achieve these and more.

According to Roy T. Bennett, “Whatever choice you make, makes you. Choose wisely.” We have made the choice to have a Union that works for all and be socially relevant. It is our expectation that it will make us stronger, more relevant and policy-centered.

The time for fewer words but action is now. We will allow our efforts to speak for us and appeal to you to continue to support us in this regard. We are open to new thoughts and ideas, constructive criticisms and amenable to corrections even from those who ran against us.

Even as I conclude, our gratitude to all those, especially the Fresh Start Reloaded Campaign Team, for your untiring commitment and discipline throughout the process. To our colleagues who have demonstrated their zeal to take ownership of their Union, we are grateful and enjoin you not to relent amidst a few traducers.

To our friends out there, your support remains invaluable in the progress we hope to achieve. Come and let’s make history together!

Emmanuel Ogbeche
Chairman of Council

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