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FCT Igbo Crisis: Egenti Spits Fire,

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*Calls Ibe Nwosu to Order

There are strong indications of looming fresh crises brewing in the Igbo Traditional Council of the Federal Capital Territory (FCT), Abuja, spearheaded by expelled Eze Ibe Nwosu, who has been sacked from the institution since 2017, when he was allegedly investigated by the Igbo traditional institution and found wanting which action was also ratified by the Association of Ndi-Eze in the 19 Northern States of Nigeria and FCT Abuja;the Association of Ndi-Eze in Diaspora; the FCT Ndi-Eze Traditional Rulers; Ohanaeze Ndigbo FCT; and further more, the General Assembly of Igbo Community FCT including Non-Indegenous Traditional Rulers in FCT respectively held on the 12th day of June, 2021.

At the meeting, the council deliberated on the suspension of Eze Ibe Nwosu and finally expelled him from the Association of Ndieze in the 19 Northern States and the FCT, Abuja, and also stripped him of all the authority and appendages of office, including instrumentality of his office as Eze with the following reasons:

* Ibe Nwosu physically fought in Lagos tradefair Complex) with Eze- Igbo of Niger State.
* Ibe Nwosu’s installtion of an Eze in Kano without the requisite authority and jurisdiction after collecting 1.2M and did not have the consent of Eze- Igbo Kano and the Emirate of Kano State.
* Conferring of Ezeship in Benin on Mr Abbas, crowning his wife as Queen and his children as princes and princesses and literally scaled the fence on the day of the atrocity to escape from Benin City, Edo State.
* Conferring of Ezeship on his kinsmen in Jos, Plateau State, forming a parallel organ against laid down procedures in Plateau State.
*Indiscriminately installing Ezeship in Nasarawa State and referring to them as “Abuja and Environs Ezes.”

In Abuja, Ibe Nwosu bastardized  the institution of Ezeship with his indiscriminate conferring of titles on people with bad records and antecedences, collecting bribes from traditional court from plaintiffs and defendants likewise, embezzling funds in his domain, non-accountability to the people and acting solely without a palace court.
·        All the Associations comprising of all the traditional institutions and Elders passed a vote of no confidence on him.The Associations then agreed that ‘Nature abhors a Vacuum ‘ and as such, some one must stand in his stead.
·        Indiscriminately causing disaffection among the Igbo indigenes in various Abuja communities and town unions
·        Physical torture of Igbo sons and daughters using the police
·        Ibe Nwosu has made the association a one-party affair, instead of allowing members to belong to any political party of their choice, he is opposed to them and runs the association as his personal property.
·        On three occassions,he fabricated the kidnap of his son having issued false alarms,his wife was at the police station with the DPO to disown him.Secondly, the alleged kidnap of his house boy with N8 million which was also found to be false and Thirdly, the petitition to the Commissioner of Police which was also false, these atrocities are all documented with the various police institutions and government organs for veracity, all in a bid to tarnish the hard-earned reputation of Dr Uche Egenti, who is well known as an Ambassador of Justice and Peace.
·        The FCT Administration wrote a letter to all the traditional institutions in Abuja placing embargo on conferment of chieftaincy titles to both indigenes and non-indegenes alike and to also stop conferring Ezeship on anybody, but Ibe Nwosu went ahead to crown over sixty persons because of his greed for money and perchant for living an ostentatious lifestyle.
·        Under Ibe Nwosu, the Igbos were at loggerheads with themselves and other ethnic nationalities in the FCT and also went too far in trying to destroy the Yoruba traditional institution in the FCT.
·        Ibe Nwosu also did same in Bauchi State and went against the Bauchi Emirate Council.
·        That the hired killers sent to Dr Uche Egenti have confessed to their intended crimes on several occasions that they were sent by the expelled Eze Ibe Nwosu.

Accordingly, all these and so many other atrocities committed by him was the main reason why the Association expelled him for his attitude and character unbecoming of an Eze.

And, as such, when contacted by our Correspondent to confirm that expelled Eze Nwosu passed a vote of no confidence on HRH Eze Dr Uche Egenti, the man of the people, a grassroots and peaceful lover, laughed and waved the anomaly away, saying that Ibe Nwosu does not have the locus standi and does not have followership, including the authority as he has been expelled since 2017 from the Association and has no jurisdiction whatsoever.

Eze Uche Egenti challenged Ibe Nwosu to a public debate in any venue of his choice and said: “When a leader of men has led his people to disaster, what remains of his present life is nothing but a shadow of his proud past, he needs no soothsayer or the gods to tell him it is time to leave leadership.”

Eze Egenti reemphasized that he is the national coordinator of the 19 Northern States; Vice Chairman of Ndi-Eze-Igbo in Diaspora and so many others, that it is not possible for him to go against the will of the Igbo people. That, he calls on law enforcement agents to rise up to investigate and probe the activities of Ibe Nwosu who has brought shame to the Igbo people in FCT. That on several occasions Ibe Nwosu and his family in the company of others who come to beg him and appeal for forgiveness and that he will continue to forgive him.

The Chairman of Eze Ndigbo FCT, HRH Eze Dr Uche Egenti, Eze Udo I of FCT, said: “Igbo must set aside every misunderstanding and unite together and embrace oneness, Igboness and love one another in Abuja and the Diaspora.

He eschewed bitterness and called for all to be above board and be their brother’s keeper. He, as well, called on all Abuja-based Igbo indigenes and the Diaspora to ignore the rantings of a drowning man and go about their legitimate businesses and not to be distracted by the shenanigans of Ibe Nwosu and his cohorts who have been expelled four years ago for bringing the name of Igbos into disrepute, odium and ridicule.

Re-echoing that, “I am not Ochigbo and that Ibe Nwosu has no business being in the Association any longer and all his utterances about Igbos in Abuja, are null and void.”

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