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* Julius Berger MD, Engr. Dr. Richter, Divisional Manager, Bauer and others bag NIQ SFellowship Managing Director of frontline construcon company,

Julius Berger Nigeria PLC, Engr. Dr.Lars Richter was weekend awarded the Fellowship of the Nigerian Instute of QuantySurveyors, FNIQS.

He was represented by the company’s Director of CorporateDevelopment, Mr. Tobias Meletschus. The Western Regional Manager of the company inLagos, Mr. Alexander Bauer also bagged the NIQS Fellowship at the same event.A respected elder of the Instute and former Governor of Bauchi state and a fellow of theNIQS, Alhaji Ahmadu Adamu Mu’azu poured encomiums on Julius Berger Nigeria PLC whichhe described as highly professional and central to the country’s infrastructural developmentin the roads sector.Mu’azu who was Chairman of the Investiture ceremony held at the Civic Centre, Victoria Island, Lagos in his welcome address recalled his encounter with Julius Berger when he was the Governor of Bauchi state thus:”I am full of gratitude to the Institute, our Institute, the Institute I belong to for thisunique event. I congratulate all the recipients of the NIQS Fellowship, especially the MDsand CEOs of the construction companies for their awards which they rightly deserve. Irecall a case in point to underline what I mean. When I was Governor of Bauchi State, Iwanted to construct good roads for the State. I stressed myself and drove all the way toAbuja to Julius Berger to see the then MD of the company. I think he was Mr. Marks (whois presently the Vice Chairman of Julius Berger). I got there and filled the visitor’s formand waited to see him. And when we eventually met in his office, I introduced myself andtold him I wanted good roads for Bauchi. He was very delighted, and professionally so. Iam delighted to say that Julius Berger did a very great job in Bauchi. They should andmust continue their good works as they remain central to road infrastructural developmentin this country. Other construction companies in this country should be doing same.”For the NIQS President, QS Obafemi Oluwole Onashile, he said Investiture events arestrategies designed to expand the coast of the NIQS as “the success of contractors and theircompanies is always in the interest of the NIQS.” He added that the status of the awardees atthe event is a statement being deliberately made by the Institute to show that they are majorplayers in that direction. He further explained that the readiness of Julius Berger, and othersto share in the vision of the NIQS in the areas of employment and training of QuantitySurveyors is commendable. According to the President of the NIQS, “…They have alwaysdiscussed with us on how to improve efficiency in our professional practice. They areready to collaborate with us in these areas. These among others informed their respectiveselection for the award of our NIQS Fellowship to them ”

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