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Nigeria 2023: Four political “Godfathers” who will not have a say 2019-12-13


Godfatherism has different meanings to different people. The term godfather is used for big boss that maintains political control of a territory by ensuring that either he or his self-chosen appointees are elected to govern such areas.

They build loyalists around themselves and use their influence to manipulate the rest of society.

These godfathers in most cases become powerful due to the important leadership positions they hold or have held, their wealth, their ability to mobilise grassroots support, amongst others.

As 2023 election draws nearer, lets look at four political godfathers that wont have say in the election.

Abiola Ajimobi:

He already dug his political grave in 2019 after he lost his bid to Senate and could not secure his candidate emergence as Governor of Oyo State.

He contested in 2011 under the ACN and was elected governor of Oyo State in a keen contest.

He was returned in 2015 under the APC and became the first person to occupy the Oyo governorship seat twice in the state.

This actually fetched Mr Ajimobi the nick: Kosheleri (It has not happened before).

By the time the 2019 elections came, the residents had gotten tired of Mr Ajimobi and the APC.

Bukola Saraki:

The Saraki dynasty is a very strong one in Kwara State. Before Mr Saraki, his father, the late Olusola Sarakis political structure was such a strong force that except you align with him, you were not likely to succeed as a politician in Kwara State.

The structure had produced six governors in the state since 1979.

Mr Saraki who has been the President of Nigerias Senate since 2015 could not deliver Kwara for his party in both 2019 presidential and governorship elections. Worst of it all, he also lost his re-election bid to the Senate.

It is not sure whether he can maintain his former position if being a capacity in the next election.

His trouble started after the 2015 elections when he defied the APC, to emerge the Senate president; working in cahoot with PDP lawmakers.

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