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Ohueje Ohinoyi heritage festival 2023 edition is here.




As its the custom, this edition had been designed to create more awareness on our cultural heritage as a people and with the soul aim of marketing it to the world.


We shall be organizing The 100 Looms Plus. The 100 looms plus will be a weaving competition for over 100 weavers. In this edition, the women will be expected to commence the weaving of a complete set of wrapper from their own studio and finish them at the grand finale. It is going to be a win win for them as the women will receive their normal wage and consequently, prizes for their excellence on various category.


As a nation renowned for creativity, pottery will be introduced into the 7th edition of the heritage festival. There will be a paper delivered by practicing ceramist to create awareness for investment as there’s a large deposit of clay in Okehi Local Government that can drive such investment.


There will be symposium, short drama and exhibition that will through the 3 days festival. Interested schools from Kogi Central will be invited to attend the symposium and tour round the mounted exhibition. This is to create a positive thinking in their minds as they journey through life.


To spice up the festival, their will be the revival of the old  competition “Iyya Hanna” (pounded yam eaten competition). It will feature during Egbira Cuisine Show.


To icing the cake of the three day festival, there will be archery show, anuva dance and runway for our weaving textile. This is to create platform for designers to show their creativity using Egbira weaved clothes

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