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By Pastor Chris Okonofua

I am enameled by your convictions, tenacity and strategies. I am convinced however that although your calculations are right, you are doing it ultimately for your personal goals and gains. I have no quarrel with that!. It must be factored into it or you will lose your passion. David asked his brothers ‘ what’s in it for the man who will kill Goliath?’ So, yes, you are right – my stomach couched in national interest!
I agree that something dramatic has to happen for PDP to capture Lagos. That’s when the fowl grows teeth!
However, every and anyone who truly loves Nigeria and want this country to be together should be thinking of how to make an Igbo Presidency. It will help restore confidence and loyalty to our flag, it will heal the wounds and cover the scars of the civil war. It will try the altruism of the Igbo and test the socioeconomic and technological capacity of the Igbo. It will give them a sense of belonging and help quell the irredentist proclivity of a section of the Igbo populace. By the way: I am not Igbo. I am a proud Esan (Ishan) man.
An Igbo man or woman has never been at the head of any Federal govt. except for the short and tragic stint of Ironsi and the inglorious ceremonial presidency of Zik. It’s only fair and right for them to have a taste of power and an opportunity to contribute their quota to our growth. I believe that is the path of honor for this great (potential) nation.
I don’t personally hate Tinubu. My classmates- Tunji Bello and Dele work for him. I am not particular drawn to people who have walked the path of questionable source of stupendous wealth. I am repulsed by such guts.
Y’know, I also have tremendous respect for his courage and dogged fighting spirit and democratic credentials. Most of all, he has been investigated and found A1 clean. That’s Lagos (Isale Eko) formula!! Good for him.
I think he would be more than honorable to allow an Ibo man the privilege to run for that position. Not because he is not qualified; not (even)because he might not win but because what is fair is fair and heavenly.

Okonofua wrote in from the USA

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