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OPINION: Ingratitude: Between Oshiomhol, Obaseki and Mayaki.


By Ogbeide Ifaluyi-Isibor

Some are saying John Mayaki is ungrateful!
Some are saying Godwin Obaseki is ungrateful!
Others are saying Oshiomhole is the definition of ingratitude!

Not like Crusoe Osagie ever makes sense and we can’t truly blame him because of his obvious disability.he simply has an inability and I respect it and empathize with him. We can’t also completely carpet John Mayaki’s critique of the Obaseki administration because some of his claims are germaine and many observers have shared some of his views concerning the Obaseki government for eon. The trouble however is that many think his recent outburst is “merchandised” and since he was relieved of the office he held so dearly by the same man who appointed him,his criticism may be out of some anger. That’s not the point though, the point is that he is doing what anyone should do; hold government accountable for her actions and inactions.

Gov Obaseki may be called everything but his ability to have reduced waste in government is commendable as compared to the voracious pilfering and pillage of state resources taken to its crescendo during the dark days his predecessor. it was acclaimed in some quarters that common sense had returned to government house and there was a sense in which there was some direction in government when Obaseki became Governor. How much he has been able to lead Edo state in the direction of progress and development is debatable but miscreants, hooligans,derelicts and mental hobos are not glorified in Edo state any more like it used to be. My trouble with GO is that he has kept some spent men in his cabinet for too long and nothing will ever happen in the Ministry of Science and Technology with a commissioner that cannot operate a smart phone.

In my opinion, Obaseki has faired poorly no matter how the Central Hospital matter is discussed, he has simply played the ostrich and decided to be mute about it despite the repeated protests by civil society and inspite of the cries from the general public requesting answers from a project that consumed billions of tax payers money. The excuse was that he wanted to shield Adams Oshiomhole from the gargantuan fraud contained in that project and for this, many like me will not forgive him for tilting the scale of common sense in favour of some political proclivities as against the common good of the Edo people for almost 3 years. How could any think of shielding a pig from mud! This Adam will keep eating the apple even if there is no Eve to give it to him.

The Central hospital project has remained the greatest fraud to ever befall the Benin Kingdom since the British came to steal from Benin and the head and neck of Adams will continue to be put to the axe whenever that project is mentioned. He will fall into the pit he dug. I heard the state government has set up a committee to look into the central hospital project appointing the SSG and some other fellow as chair. That’s simply beautiful nonsense. Invite the EFCC to help with immediate effect and let’s put thieves where they should be.

My brother John Mayaki may appear to be doing a nice job howbeit poorly. I read his subtle vilification of the Chief of staff to the state government for something he should otherwise be praised for and I felt his attempt to put Mr Taiwo Akerele on the negative spot was unfair. I think Mr Akerele simply did what a reasonable person would do. The fencing of the Ighara police station was needful and expedient and since the bureaucracies in government was delaying the mere fencing of a police station, he did what a son of the soil in government would do and I celebrate him. Mr Mayaki’s assertion that GO was investigating the Central hospital fraud just to get at Oshiomhole is humorous, why should we suffer a wizard to live? Even the bible doesn’t suggest so. We should investigate the Edo University project, the water fountain project and all other scams perpetrated by the twisted man when he was Governor.

I am very pleased that it appears that Godwin Obaseki is in a war of attrition with Adams Oshiomhole, it is the norm and it is my prayer that God the Almighty gives GO the balls to put the catastrophic fraud of the Adams Oshiomhole government to the firing squad that justice to the Edo people may prevail.

Starting this piece with Crusoe Osagie,the media aide to the governor was deliberate, I still think he does a very poor job in his response to the criticism of the Obaseki regime and the amplification of the “achievements” of the regime. He knows I hold this view and just like I really couldn’t care about how Oshiomhole’s praise singers respond to this post,Crusoe’s opinion to me is as useless as a testis disconnected from the penis.

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