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Opinion: The Buffoonery of the Average Nigerian Political Office Seeker.

Does the future of the Youth Count I Nigeria?


By Emmanuel Iriogbe.

The present Nigeria’s political sphere can be likened to thespians acting out their scripts on stage in the Italian theatre of yore called ‘Comedian ‘de larte’
It has become a space for every clown in the country to showcase his buffonery on stage for serious minded people to laugh out their hearts.
From known looters to economic saboteurs and the noveau rich who have no viable means to justify their stupendous wealth, its a free for all fight on who succeeds Buhari come 2023.
The highlight of the current jamboree is the incredulous money running into millions of Naira an individual has to pay for intent forms to run for the topmost job.
The ruling APC is in the lead with their presidential forms going for a whopping One Hundred Million Naira N(100m). The PDP follows with theirs pegged at Forty Million Naira (N40m).
The list of those that have picked forms include current political office holders who obviously have deeped their hands in the till of the various states, ministries, parastatals they superindent. This is at the detriment of an already groaning populace desirous of better living conditions.
Most surprising in all of this is the silence of President Buhari who came to power with the slogan of Change which had fighting corruption as the core issue.
In saner climes, these economic saboteurs will be lured into parting with their ill-gotten wealth, such money seized and polled back into the public purse to pursue developmental projects that will be seen to have impacted on the average citizen. After this, they will be investigated by the corruption agencies and if found guilty shall have all their property seized and made to spend their remaining miserable lives in prisons.
it is sickening to see the youths and have-nots in the society disenfranchised by way of not been capable of being voted for due to their financial incapability. This of course may not be the fault of this set of Nigerians but by the system that frowns at honest means of getting wealth.
The year 2023 will be remembered in the annals of the country’s history as one that foisted on the psyche, blatant exhibition of corruptive tendencies by serving government officials to the chagrin of the entire world.

Another sore point is the mantra by those office holders in the APC stock that have vowed to continue from where Buhari stopped if voted into power. Does this proclamation refer to the final annihilation of the common man through increases in basic foodstuff, transportation, escalating fuel pump prices, downgrading the Naira more to become as valueless as tissue paper in the business of economic activities.
It however should not be surprising to discerning minds that they have chosen to speak in this manner because of their fears of going to jail if they do not ulogise the ultimate czar in the land by way of psychophancy.
These very corrupt politicians should know that so long they continue to pauperise the populace through stealing from the National purse, the farther sleep shall be from their eyes. Do they even fear for their lives and those of loved one when Nigeria finally degenerate into a lawless society where governments of the day are no longer recognised and the society becomes one of survival of the fittest where anything goes.
if this trend is not nipped in the bud soonest, the cry in the land of the insurgence of banditry, kidnapping, ritual killings etal will grow louder.
I fear for our youths whose future is not taken into consideration by the present rulers in the land. Indeed I fear for their future and the future of my dear native land Nigeria.

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