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Presidential Election Tribunal: Summary of Monday’s Proceedings


From Thomas IBU, Abuja

It was an intriguing day in court today as the PDP and Atiku/Obi‘s legal team thrilled Nigerians with avalanche of evidences to prove that…

1. President Muhammadu Buhari was not the rightful winner of the February 23, 2019 Presidential Election

2. The INEC Guidelines on the use of card reader was not substantially complied with in some states of the federation during the Presidential election

3. INEC indeed transmitted results to the central server as promised by the commission before the general elections

5. President Buhari lied on oath concerning the affidavits he deposed to before the election on the schools he attended and his supposed missing certificate.

Dr. Livy Uzoukwu of the PDP and Atiku/Obi invited 6 witnesses and presented numerous evidences to the court

They are:

1. Alhaji Buba Galadima (A Chieftain of the APC and close associate of President Muhammadu Bubari)

2. Peter Ijeoma Obi (INEC Tech Officer. Ad-hoc staff)

3. Ebenezer Olanikan (INEC Tech Officer, ad-hoc staff)

4. Adodokun Afeez Adeoye (INEC Tech Officer, Ad-Hoc Staff)

5. Mohammed Usman Tattah (PDP Polling Unit Agent) and

6. Mustafa Bello (PDP polling unit Agent)

Dr. Livy also completed the presentation of evidence from Kano state, and made fresh presentation for Zamfara state.

Dr. Uzoukwu tendered INEC form CF001 for President Muhammadu Buhari, showing how the President presented false information in the forms he submitted to INEC before the general elections.

Documents from National Archives, Kaduna was also presented by Dr. Livy Uzoukwu of the PDP and Atiku/Obi.

The documents were Certified True Copies of gazetted papers of the schools President Buhari claimed to have attended but in actual sense were not established as of the time the President stated in his affidavits. (He lied on oath, Perjury)

*Witness Testimonies*

Alhaji Buba Galadima told the court that both his Party, the APC and his erstwhile closed associates, President Muhammadu Bubari, failed woefully in the last 4 years and could not fulfill the numerous promises they made to Nigerians before the 2015 General Elections.

He told the court that he had to leave President Buhari because, as a promoter of good governance, the actions and inactions of the President were destructive.

The INEC Tech Officers testified that they were trained by INEC before the general elections to transmit results to the server via a special code provided by the commission.

They said that the INEC smart card reader was enhanced to do accreditation, verification of finger prints and transmission of election results to server.

They also said that the INEC guidelines and the INEC Election Officers Manual were very clear on the use of card readers for accreditation. *That those that were not verified by the smart card readers were not supposed to be allowed to vote*

*The PDP agent in Jigawa state testified that there was no election at all in his polling unit. That the agents were forced and intimidated by security and APC agents to sign the result sheets. 2 That some of the agents were involved in the federal government social investment programme, N-Power . 3. That some of them were threatened to sign the result sheets, otherwise they will be removed from the N-Power programme.*

The PDP and Atiku/Obi legal team presented other documents, eg, receipts and forms to further confirmed the fraud perpetrated by INEC, the security agents and the APC in the February 23, 2019 Presidential Election.

*It’s time to #RescueNigeria*

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