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Presidential Tribunal: Buhari can’t rely on School certificates or its equivalent-PDP


Reports from Thomas Ibu, Abuja

*Extract from the PDP and Atiku/Obi’s Final Written Address

…the Petitioners (PDP and Atiku/Obi are not unmindful of the provision of the last limb of the definition of the term *”School Certificates or its equivalent”* numbered (d) in Section 318 of the Constitution which provides *”(d)…any other qualification acceptable by the Independent National Electoral Commission.”*

*We submit that for the 2nd Respondent (Muhmmadu Buhari) to take refuge under “…any other qualification acceptable to the Independent National Electoral Commission”, he must specifically disclose and state the qualification under part C of the 2nd Respondent’s Form CF001 (which is evidence as Exhibit P1) in the Cullum where provision is made for “SCHOOL ATTENDED/EDUCATIONAL QUALIFICATION WITH DATES”*

The evidence (certificates) of such other qualification must also be mentioned and attached to the form. Evidently, Exhibit P1 clearly shows all the educational qualifications claimed by the 2nd Respondent (Muhammadu Buhari) and no evidence whatsoever of any other qualification was attached.

The only window for the disclosure of such qualification is in the Candidate’s form CF001, which in this petition is Exhibit P1.

*We consequently pray Your Lordship to hold that the qualification of the 2nd Respondent (Muhammadu Buhari) to contest the questioned election cannot also be founded under the provision “(d)” under consideration.*

*It’s time to #RescueNigeria*

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