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Press Statement: Murder of Dr. Ferry Gbaragbe


Ogoni Ethnic Nationality Declares Amaechi, Emma Deeyah, Victor Giadom, George Feyii, Greg Nwidam, Eric Nwibani, Others, Persona-Non-Grata
As Ogonis and Nigerians at large continue to mourn the death of a senior lecturer and former Chairman of the Academic Staff Union of Polytechnics (ASUP), Kenule Saro-Wiwa Polytechnic (Kenpoly), Bori branch, late Dr. Ferry Gbaragbe who was gruesomely murdered by men of the Special Anti-Robbery Squad (F-SARS) during the March 9, 2019 Governorship Election in Bori, a socio-cultural group, Ogoni Ethnic Nationality (OEN) has called on the Inspector-General of Police (IGP) and other relevant security agencies not to leave any stone unturned to arrest and prosecute the culprits and their collaborators in Ogoniland.
OEN, in a statement issued in Bori, headquarters of Khana Local Government Area after an emergency meeting on Wednesday, described the murder of Gbaragbe as outrageous, sacrilegious and a desecration of the land.
Consequently, the group has declared that those Ogonis who led the State F-SARS Commander, Akin Fakorede and his murderous team to the Bori Collation Center where Dr. Ferry Gbaragbe was shot and killed has been declared persona-non-grata.
Among those so declared, according to the statement, are former Rivers State governor and Transportation Minister, Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi; Emma Deeyah, Victor Giadom, George Feyii, Greg Nwidam and Eric Nwibani amongst others.
In the statement which was signed by the group’s Secretary, Dr. Baribe Yorko the OEN said they would invoke the gods of Ogoniland to avenge the death of Gbaragbe and other Ogonis who lost their lives during the elections.
Wondering why an illustrious son of Ogoniland who was carrying out a legitimate election duty should be the target of elimination by enemies of the people, the group vowed that all those declared persona-non-grata would be visited with dare consequences any day they step their feet on Ogoniland.
“They should better be advised to stay away from Ogoniland. Should they chose to try our resolve, we assure them that their blood will flow just like those of the people they have killed”, the statement said.
On the statement credited to Chidi Lloyd that the death of Dr. Ferry Gbaragbe was an ‘amateur Nollywood movie’, the OEN described the comment as the height of a sacrilege, regretting it was not surprised knowing Chidi Lloyd’s antecedent and disregard for human life.
“It is quite unfortunate that Chidi Lloyd rather than empathize with Ogonis who are mourning with a heavy heart, he decided to dance on the grave of the man slain by SARS and his party men”, the statement concluded.

Dr. Baribe Yorko
Secretary, Ogoni Ethnic Nationality (OEN)

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