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Putin give Reasons Why Russia is Fighting Ukraine

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The Russia’ s President Vladimir Putin on Friday has explained the main reason of the military actions in Donbas and Ukraine.
Putin stated that the military operation was carried out to free people in Ukraine from misery and genocide.
According to Daily Post News the Russian President revealed this during a special visit at the Luzhniki stadium in Moscow.
Some Russians had gathered to the stadium to commemorate eight years since Russian troops annexed Crimea, Ukraine’ s southernmost peninsula.
Flag- waving crowds at the stadium and special classes in schools are being held to commemorate the occasion.
” The major inspirational reason of the military action we initiated in Donbas and Ukraine is to liberate people from this agony, from genocide, ” Putin stated.
Ukraine’ s first option to join NATO has been a source of contention for Russian forces.
Meanwhile, the Russian troops are heading towards Ukraine’ s capital city of Kyiv, however the Ukrainian people are fighting back.

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