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Senator Ndume blames insecurity on injustice, leadership failure



A ranking Senator, Mohammed Ali Ndume has taken a swipe at both the Executive and Legislative arms of government for the festering insecurity in the country.

He also alleged that Nigeria is deeply divided presently along ethnic, tribal and religious lines than it has ever been before now.

Sen. Ndume who is  the Chairman, 2021 Press Week/Lecture with the theme: “Insecurity in Nigeria: Restoring Peace, Unity and Progress” organised by Nigeria Union of Journalists (NUJ), FCT Correspondents Chapel held on Thursday at NUJ House, Utako, Abuja, said the blames for insecurity in the country rest squarely on the political class.

According to him: “I  believe the organisers of this lecture, the  Journalists invited me based on the fact that I will speak my mind. This is what I will do and I must say that I am not going to beat about the bush.

“The insecurity ravaging Nigeria today is as a direct results of injustice, equity and lack of good leadership. I am utterly disappointed in political class especially the Executives and  Legislatures for the  insecurity in the land”.

“I have said it and will continue to say it that until a son of nobody gets what is due to him without having to  struggle for it, nobody is safe. And the culprits are the Executive and Legislature, they give too much excuses without getting things done”, an angry Ndume stated.

The Senator from Borno state who is also Chairman, Senate Committee on Army berated his colleagues in the legislative arm of government for inaction, saying that the Legislative arm has joined the Executive to perpetuate injustice in the land.

Ndume disagreed with the Guest Lecturer at the occasion, Gov. Samuel Ortom of Benue state, saying that he deviated from the theme of the lecture by concentrating on the insecurity in Benue state.

Said he: “I will disagree with Gov. Ortom because he focused much on his Benue state while insecurity is worse in my own state of Borno state and many other states in the North East as we speak. Pardon me, but I must say that Governors are shifting blames a lot without taking responsibility.

“I can only tell the President,  Governors and leaders at every strata of leadership to fear God because for each soul that have been killed, God will hold  them to account”, Ndume concluded.

The Senator commended the FCT Correspondents Chapel for coming up with the topic at this time of the country’s troubles.


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