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  • By Don Pedro Obaseki, MBA, PhD.
    Benin, 1st January 2019.
  • It is a brand new year. A year, which most Nigerians have looked forward to: some in fear and
    trepidation, many in hope and belief. The most prevalent in the Fear Factor, is Fear of the
    Unknown! THE MIDWEST MOVEMENT however believes that the HOPE is not a forlorn one,
    and the FEAR, a precursor to better tidings.
    Nigeria is on the edge of a precipice. We are a nation sitting on a keg of gunpowder. We are
    like a race atop a potent volcano that may erupt at the slightest prodding; if Leaders don’t
    lead well, and followers continue in their existential docility. 2019, though an odd number
    year, will be a watershed moment in our history as a nation.
    The MIDWEST MOVEMENT, a pan-Edo/Delta group of distinguished sons and daughters of
    the twelve ethnic nationalities of the old Midwestern Region, later Bendel State, has decided
    to sound a clear, unequivocal warning to all Nigerians. As the ONLY constitutionally created
    unit of the Nigeria Federation, and though we are the most victimised and most marginalized
    part of Nigeria, we reaffirm our belief in the corporate entity called NIGERIA.
    For the records, it must be emphasized that the Midwestern Region (now largely comprising
    the territorial areas of present day Delta and Edo States), is the only major administrative unit
    of Nigeria created by due constitutional process. All others where either created by the British
    Colonialists, or by military decrees and fiats. The creation of the MIDWEST Region articulated the
    VoiceforMinorityRightswithin theNigerianFederation.
    It is now a matter beyond doubt that the federation of Nigeria is in dire straits. The current
    state of uncertainty is the manifest outcome of years of injustice, marginalization, and
    flagrant violation of the terms agreed by the founding fathers at the point of independence in
    It’s a miracle that Nigeria has survived so many onslaughts since the coup of January 15, 1966.
    For how long can we depend on CHANCE to survive? We barely survived an avoidable Civil
    War, but we all bear the scars till date.
    In recent times, Nigerians have been assailed by offensive rhetoric from elements that are
    determined to further take the country down the path of discord, disorder, strife and ultimate
    destruction. This untoward development has been exacerbated by the barely veiled reciprocal
    negative rhetoric, body language and apparent insensitivity of the present Federal apparatus
    and its operatives. This can no longer continue!
    We of the MIDWEST MOVEMENT, and all persons of Edo and Delta extraction are deeply
    concerned about the situation and we have resolved not to keep quiet any further. And 2019
    shall make manifest the actualization of our Midwest Charter within the larger Nigeria

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