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Why Couples Cheat


The trend of marital infidelity is on the rise, relationships are losing value and breakups more like a norm in our now society.

The media report on this issue of infidelity is on the rise, domestic violence, abuse to spouse and neglect in relationships all in the name of “i found out /caught him cheating on me”. It has gone very brutal that it now involves murder, physical assault and public embarrassments.

The fear of losing your partner to someone else is less compared to sharing your partner with another without your consent – how terrible that can be. Relationships are not as amazing, peaceful and trustworthy as it used to be due to the conceived notion of cheating or infidelity. Someone is always in suspicion.

Ladies are asking what does she have that i don’t have, what can she do that i can’t do, what a pathetic question indeed. These questions are just like asking why Pepsi and Coke look alike but tastes differently; please don’t get me wrong, am not justifying cheating, am simply saying it’s foolish to think about what you can and what others can’t- when you should be asking why he is cheating on you even when he can’t let you go.

There are many reasons men give for being irresponsible and unfaithful to their partners, but there’s one underlying thing that is behind those senile excuses and selfish justifications. That one reason isLOYALTY.


Loyalty can be defined as the state of being loyal; fidelity. It is a faithfulness or devotion to some person, cause or nation. In essence, loyalty is being faithful to a vow, devoted to cause, commitment to a relationship and being loyal to someone you share emotions with.

You so much believed in love to help you make right long lasting decisions on who to share your life with; strongly believing that once he loves you, he won’t cheat on you. Over time reports have proven you wrong in many cases. Marriages are crashing daily even at the presence of love, infidelity on the increase even when love is genuine.

Don’t be deceived that men who cheat on their wives don’t love them; seriously they do love their wives very much. The problem is he is not being loyal to her. Love without loyalty is defective cause even in the name of love is infidelity thriving.

A man who truly loves his wife will provide everything she needs, but a man who is loyal to his wife won’t cheat on her for any reason. Love is not loyalty.

Loyalty is what draws him back when the thought of infidelity comes in. It is that thought that won’t let him do it even when he can do it unnoticed.

Ladies and beautiful girls, keeping a man to yourself alone is possible only when you succeed in winning his loyalty. When a man a man’s loyalty is questionable, relationships are about to wreck; but whe he is devoted to his family, loyal to his wife and kids, it is impossible for him to cheat.

Ladies, love is never enough to keep your relationship going, to keep your marriage working, what you need is loyalty from you man. Like, share and drop your comments below, i will write about “How To Win Your Man’s Loyalty” in subsequent posts

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