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GREENVILLE LNG NEWS: “With the Greenville LNG Gas Hub Station now in Lafia.

I would advise energy investors in Nasarawa State that instead of building a petrol station, they should now invest in LNG-CNG daughter Stations- Nasarawa State Governor, Engr. Abdullahi A. Sule

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The executive Governor of Nasarawa State, His Excellency, Engr. Abdullahi A. Sule, has advised energy investors in the State that, with the completion of Greenville LNG’s Gas Hub Station in the State capital, Lafia, instead of building more petrol stations, they should rather take visionary advantage and begin to now invest in the construction of Greenville LNG’s franchised daughter stations across the State. The reasoning is contingent on the fact that it is a technological reality as well as proactive commercial foresight to develop new energy businesses and related infrastructure to align with the now readily available, more affordable, and cleaner LNG and CNG offerings provided in the State by Greenville LNG, Nigeria’s pioneer gas infrastructure developer.Governor Abdullahi Sule gave the advice during the Energy Roundtable discussion at the recently held Nasarawa Investment Summit which was held at the Conference Hall of the Nasarawa State Government House in Lafia. Also speaking at the Summit, the representative of the Chief Executive Officer of the NNPC Limited, the Executive Vice President (EVP), Gas, Power and New Energy, NNPC Limited, Mr Olalekan Ogunleye said that the Nasarawa State Government under Governor Sule’s administration embodies a productive and uncanny vision, effective leadership and a sustainability philosophy that is working actively to future-proof the State as an organically developed sub-national entity within the Nigerian nation. Mr Olalekan Ogunleye further said that with the President Bola Ahmed Tinubu’s government’s very intentional policy and determined efforts to ramp up investments in the gas exploitation and utilisation sector based on a win-win idea for corporates and country, NNPCL is ready to partner the Nasarawa State Government and private sector investors for gas expansion projects.Afrexim Bank’s Head of Client Relations (Anglophone West Africa) Mr Peter Adeshola Olowononi who represented the Afrexim Bank’s Head of the Country Office at the Summit, said that, due ostensibly to the feasibility of the company’s planned gas expansion projects, Afrexim is working with Greenville LNG Other Speakers at the Summit included the Managing Director of the GACN, Chijioke, Hajiya Fatima of the Dangote Group and Prince Moses G. Duku of Greenville LNG.Moses Duku who represented the Chairman of Greenville LNG at the Summit, conveyed the gratitude of the Chairman and Board of the company to His Excellency Governor Sule on the gracious grant of land by the Nasarawa State Government for the construction of the Greenville LNG Gas Hub in Lafia the State Capital with a prospect for the further establishment of at least 30 daughter stations though Greenville’s franchising of local investors across the State. “Greenville is in Nasarawa State to stay”, Moses Duku said.Speaking later to the press at the close of the Nasarawa Investment Summit, Moses Duku confidently urged other invested corporates and as well as intending investors to come to Greenville for their ever reliable, cost-cutting, and eco-friendly LNG-CNG as well as power generation needs to sustainably drive their businesses across Nasarawa State, and indeed across Nigeria.Greenville LNG is Nigeria’s private sector’s leading producer and distributor of LNG and CNG for the domestic market. With the company’s efficient virtual pipeline consisting of more than 500 specialized LNG-powered gas delivery trucks capable of driving about 1,200 kilometres and 1,800 kilometres without the need to refuel, Grenville from its Rumuji Gas Plant and its Gas hubs, delivers sustainable and reliable LNG and CNG energy supplies to every part of Nigeria. With Stations in Rumuji, Benin, Shagamu, Koton-Karfe and Kaduna and with Lafia station about to be commissioned into service, Greenville is working actively to open 25 Hubs to enable the delivery of more affordable, cleaner, and more reliable LNG and CNG fuels for homes, industry and power plants across the country.Moses Duku also used the opportunity of the Nasarawa State Investment Summit to highlight Greenville LNG’s sister company, Gradient Bitumen’s superior deliverables. According to the Greenville’s spokesman, the benefits of Gradient Bitumen’s new triple- effective Supergrade bitumen technology, Polygra and Modified bitumen over normal bitumen is that it meets the more demanding in-service conditions with greater resistance to permanent deformation at high temperature as indicated by about 1.5 times higher values of stability, Marshall quotient, higher values of indirect tensile stress and Stiffness Modulus all of which indicate better resistance to cracking using modified Bitumen in structural layers. Gradient Bitumen’s supergrade technology also improves adhesive and cohesive strength. Its tensile strength ratio before and after conditioning in water is higher for modified mixes thus indicating superior resistance to moisture impact. Gradient’s Polygra is also an additional innovative solution with an addition of a polymeric modifier directly into the mixer and resulting in a performant Polymer Modified Asphalt (PMA). According to Moses Duku, Gradient Bitumen’s poly-gra can be used everywhere, and requires no dedicated storage tanks. It increases the service life of roads and pavements, and is environmentally friendly. He summarised and emphasised the advantages of Modified bitumen over normal bitumen to include better adhesion between aggregate and binder, longevity and better age resistance properties, and higher resistance to deformation at elevated pavement temperatures.Gradient Bitumen delivers its advanced and superior products by its own dedicated tankers to the site of the customer. The first Nasarawa Energy (Gas) Roundtable which held in 2021 heralded the State’s well-attended Investment Summits, and indeed the 2024 Summit.

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