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The Chairman, Special Presidential Investigation Panel for the Recovery of Public Property, Chief Okoi Obono-Obla, has reacted to a call for his dismissal by the House of Representatives.
Obla has been under attack over an alleged forged WAEC certificate ever since he commenced investigations into the activities and finances of some senators and Reps members.

In a statement issued on Friday, Obla described the calls for his sack as ‘Hogwash and Balderdash” adding that it was a ‘Hatchet Job by Merchants of Corruption’. 

The Statement read; “The call by the House of Representatives on Mr President to sack me for alleged certificate forgery is hogwash, balderdash and absolute rubbish!
 It is a hatchet job by agents and merchants of corruption and graft that have looted our country for the past 19 years to intimidate , hound and harass me.They are agents of looters that I have investigated. Is the house of representatives the police?

He addressed the certificate issue, stating that he graduated from university over 30 years ago.

“I left university 30 years ago. I graduated and went to law school. I left Law School in 1990 and was called to Bar in June 1991.

The university screened me and awarded me a degree after deeming me  worthy and after fulfilling the entry requirements.  

I wrote JAMB and scored excellent grades in all the subjects I wrote.  It is a blackmail contrived by looters and their agents using the House  of Representatives.”

The anti-corruption czar has also filed a lawsuit against the House of Representatives over the matter.

“I have even filed a suit in Court challenging the power of the house of representatives to conduct such an investigation. It is a hatchet job with a premeditated mission. The so called report is illegal and unconstitutional.

 Let me inform Nigerians how this people work. All the members of the House of Representatives Committee that purportedly investigated me were cohorts of some members of the National Assembly I was investigating.
One of them openly boasted that for daring to investigating some powerful people in the National Assembly I will be dealt with.

It is a reaction to my press conference early this week where I informed Nigerians that my Panel has forwarded the names of those under it investigation to the Nigeria Immigration Service to implement the travel ban stipulated by the Executive Order No 6 of 2018 for those under trial and investigation for corruption and abuse of office.

I must be a genius to pass through University and Law School, practice law for more than two decades without a “ school certificate”.

The whole issue is really laughable but it is sad the extent to which corruption can fight back.”

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