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By Deji Idowu

APC gubernatorial candidate Sanwoolu is an indigene of Ijebu Ife in Ogun State. His running mate is an indigene of ewekoro, also in Ogun state where his father is a king. Both of them are being imposed on Lagos state by Bola Ahmed Tinubu and APC.

So no indigene of Lagos state is fit to be the governor or deputy governor. Nothing shows the hypocrisy of the Yoruba race than what is happening in Lagos state. Tinubu himself is from Iragbiji in Osun state. His commissioner for works between 1999 and 2007, Rauf Aregbesola became Governor of Osun state while still retaining his Lagos political base. He is from Ilesa. The current governor of Osun state is Tinubu’ s cousin from Iragbiji. He was Aregbesola’s chief of staff before taking over as governor. The list of indigenes of Ogun, Oyo, Osun, Ekiti and Ondo States who were imposed on Lagos state by Tinubu for political appointment is very long.

The strategy is for them to be elected or appointed in Lagos primarily to be empowered financially before going back to their states of origin to use a part of their loot from Lagos to induce voters and win elections in their States of origin, thereby expanding Tinubu’ s Political empire. The funds to achieve this political merchandizing is looted from Lagos. Many Traditional rulers in Lagos state, because of the crumbs they get from Tinubu and fear of being victimized line up behind this man to betray their own people. So, he has used them to steal all the lands belonging to the people of the state.

Maroko, sand filled by baba Jakande while constructing the Lekki Epe expressway in 1983 and which all military governors did not allocate till 1999 suddenly became Oniru estate, a private estate instead of a mass housing scheme Jakande intended it for. The land, sand filled by public funds became a private estate with Tinubu using the Oniru to steal our Commonwealth. This was repeated at Ikate, using Elegunshi to steal our land. Tinubu even imported Olumegbon from Lagos island to become the Oba of Ajah, just to use him to steal land from Ajah people. Several youths, who are indigenes of Ajah died in the struggle to save their land from the invader from Iragbiji.

The situation at Ibeju lekki is even worse. Most of the lands have been acquired in the name of Lagos state government but ended up as private properties of Tinubu, his wife and cronies. What of Lagos state properties that were converted to private properties of the Jagaban.

I state a little of these bare faced raping of Lagos state because all those supporting Tinubu to commit these crimes against the indigenes of Lagos state are Yorubas from the five Yoruba States and a few bastards of Lagos, who because of what they want to eat, join outsiders to loot their state’s resources and turn the indigenes of Lagos to slaves in their land.

This is the conspiracy of the Yoruba against Lagos indigenes. When any of the indigenes speak up, they are quick to say Lagos belong to all Yorubas. It is the metropolitan nature of Lagos that made it so. Taking after this deceit, other Nigerians are now saying Lagos is no man’s land.

The Afenifere elders in 1999 foisted Tinubu on us in Lagos. None of these wicked and greedy elders are from Lagos. Many of them are dead. A few of them are still alive. They used Yoruba solidarity to steal our state and our rights from us. This is Yoruba against Yoruba. They pride themselves in their believe that they are smarter. Looting lagos, not even to develop Yoruba land but to turn themselves to oppressors of their own people.

Today, Yoruba land has lost all legacies bequeathed to it by the late sage Obafemi Awolowo and his patriotic and visionary disciples. Now, let all Nigerians know that indigenes of Lagos may be extremely accommodating , very open to friendship and immune to selfish tendencies unlike their brothers from other Yoruba States, they are not stupid, neither are they ignorant.

At the fullness of time, all the indigenes, colluding with the ara ilu okes to steal our resources will face the consequences from generations to generations. Lagos will be liberated from internal colonisation from Yoruba’s from ilu Oke. The time is now. They will fight dirty but Lagos will win.

Lagos always win.

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