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Nigerians home and in diaspora reacts to tinibu’s victory at the APC presidential primary,

thus pitching him against Atiku of the PDP in the race of who takes over from Buhari in 2023.EXCERPTS


Nigerians home and in diaspora reacts to tinibu’s victory at the APC presidential primary,thus pitching him against Atiku of the PDP in the race of who takes over from Buhari in 2023.EXCERPT:


The sad part is APC primaries is now on the news circle
……..We have forgotten our departed Brothers and Sister’s who were cowardly killed at the church in Owo,Ondo state. The insecurity is as a result of the bad governance perpetrated by the same people we are dancing for in the political arena…..Soooo sad!!!!

—-Am glad that the Social Media has given alot of us opportunities to know more about human…..the indept knowledge of human are expose in their various ways in the social media the likes of whatsapp and etal have somewhat give me especially to see more that some of us are totally what George Orwell referred to as ” Accomplices”
In my wildest dream I never expected a “sane” man in Nigeria will want to remain in the same situation we are today but over time I just read people posts and comments I can see Nigeria No get future……unless there is a Miracle….it may not be in my Generation…….Just thinking aloud.

My brother cool down, please, is PO from the north?
We will be here fighting ourselves and the fullanis will take it again. Watch it, BAT and PO will share the southern votes and Atiku will have and easy ride. Don’t forget that Atiku has very strong followers in the south, added to his northern votes. And mind you, this northerners u see today, voting for BAT will stab you at the back, when the chips are down. They will always prefer their own. Learn from Wike’s experience.
-Chris Osakwe

Augustine Amin,an Abuja based journalist writes

In the 2023 presidential election, Some Nigerians will have to choose between the two thieves on the cross.

May God help them to choose the right thief.

Because one of those two thieves made it to paradise with Jesus.

They are both thieves, but one has what it takes to lead us to paradise.

A few of us will be OBIdient enough to vote for the man on the cross in-between the two thieves by name Peter obi.

A big congratulations to our father of modern politics. It is not about noise making. It is not about personal attacks or persecution. It is about the structures you control. I have said it here time without numbers, that baba is a political strategist but some of my brothers and sisters here almost killed me. This is just the preamble. You will see in 2023 for all things being equal, what Atiku will see at the end. Congratulations, our Jagaban. Go there and import the working Lagos models you are known for.

–Godwin Iwegbu.

Nigeria is not a kalokalo Country we should stop experimenting we have had enough of moving without motion Tinubu will be worst than PMB when it comes to health issues I appreciate his efforts and contributions to Political development but we haven’t grown Political this while we want to try the Economic growth index let’s change the narratives and be serious with how to deal with the complexities that is confronting the Nigerian Economy and the insecurity we are facing Tinubu can’t take us out this journey is not for feeble minds like the Ashiwajus going forward APC is not the choice for Nigeria and Nigerians

–Godwin Ogbeide.

Don’t underestimate Tinubu in Nigeria politics. If you know his antecedents, you won’t be such a pessimist. Now,go to the dictionary and find out the definition of “ambition” then,I rest my case.Tinubu did not start this journey yesterday here,his political pedigree has no match,speaks volumes.One thing you intricately cannot take from him,is that he’s not reckless/careless in his dealings. He calcutes & delivers@ all times.Take it or leave it,as the end will always justify its means.

Pastor Chrysa OK on of u and had this to say:

Tinubu is and can never be the father of modern politics. He is not the ‘messiah’ we are waiting for.
Tinubu’s claims to the modernization of Lagos is a farce.
I cry when I hear and see Nigerians hail him for these erroneous claims.
What is the transformation in Lagos? The new water logged cities? The reclaimed lands? The appropriation and privatization of Lagos lands and properties for himself and his families and cronies?
I see Tinubu’s Lagos as a land of wasted opportunities for genuine development. A state that owes so much more, when it could easily be the lender. A state where the ‘common’ man is still eking out a living, nay, an existence, a state where public hospitals and schools still do not function near their 1970 levels, a state where people still die like flies on the streets without help, where homelessness and hopelessness, like birds so ubiquitously hover over anyone who has nowhere to pilfer public funds and/or rob from the unsuspecting public.
So, what exactly did Tinubu do for Lagos which could not have been done better by someone whose ego and greed would not have gotten in his way.
I feel sad. I grieve. I am pained by the fact the worst of them all have been nominated to lead both the PDP and APC in the coming elections. To see Tinubu as it is with the clear onset of a degenerative brain disease that can only get worse and still vote him to lead a party like APC beats me. To know the antecedents of Atiku and still nominate him beats my imagination. It only goes to tell us that Nigerians can be bought with money anytime. Anyhow. In spite of the state of ‘things’.
For the Esan people of this world who want the Gunernitorial ticket in 2024, be ready to spend the money. No justice, no fairness and no equity. It’s a mirage in Nigeria.
This realization is driving me crazy and into an endemic political apathy.
Nigeria is the worst for it. I hope am wrong; but we might wake up one day to see that Nigeria has been loaned out to the highest bidder!

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