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OPINION: 2023 General Elections: what the Oracle says.

*Ibharebhe Obilonmo  Obulu elele no Obulu elele no ooo.


By Pastor Chrys Okonofua

Electionsin Nigeria are scheduled for Saturday February 25th 2023.

After a year of campaigning, name calling, arguments and counter arguments, anger, anxieties, fear and trepidation, the D-Day has come. We must cast our votes or leave it  on Saturday and wait for another four years to change whatever went wrong.

The ruling party (APC) is fielding Bola Ahmed Tinubu, the main opposition party PDP is fielding Abubakar Atiku and the new sensation who has taken the voting population by storm is fielding Peter Obi of the Labor party.

Everyone of these candidates wants the best for Nigeria. They have parroted their visions and have left us to evaluate their abilities and capacities to deliver what they have promised and decide who to vote for based on our evaluations.

I have done my personal evaluations of these trio, none of which is a neophyte to politics. They have all held political offices. Two of them- Obi and Tinubu have held offices at Executive levels, while Atiku at subordinate level.

All of them are stinkingly rich, to the extent that whether they win or lose they actually lose nothing. They are loaded to the teeth, so loaded that one of them gets cash delivered to his home by bullion vans.

All of them have the ability and capacity to run away from the country, after setting fire to it.

However the APC candidate appears sickly and have a psychological feeling of entitlement to our commonwealth and office.

He has promised to ensure, by hook or crook, to wrest the presidency from the present occupant . He has consequently resorted to name calling, smear campaigns and (even) threats and intimidation.

It is my honest opinion an “Emilokan” vote for Tinubu is a sell-out and, conscienceless vote. I hate arrogance and insensitivity and pride.

I have passed on that one. If you don’t want to be paying dues for staying in your village, run from Tinubu.

I cannot also forget the role Kafaru Tinubu played in the retirement of Bread winner – Chief Okonofua. He was his CP and wasted no time in forwarding his name for retirement when the man was just too young to retire. I can never vote for Tinubu.

I understand that Mr. Tinubu may be bearing  Kafaru’s daughter’s name – Bola; who died before she could resume classes in the US.

So, Mr. Tinubu appears to be a fraud by all ramifications.

Mr. Peter Obi has turned out to be a serious candidate. He is one to beat. He has galvanized the energy of our teeming youth. He has woken up the sleeping giant of our politics and with populist slogans, has given the voting population energy and hope of redeeming our lost glory.

However, the problems of Nigeria are bigger than Obi knows. I empathize with him!

For one, I am shocked that Obi’s worst saboteurs are the people of his own home. Beyond this, they are also prepared to disrupt the election process which will pave the way for the governors in collusion with corrupt INEC officials to simply record votes for their parties.

Even, if Obi wins, he will have many studs and man made barriers in the bitter, antagonistic, corrupt and inept legislature. They will be happy to see him fail. I therefore pass!

This brings me to Atiku. He has been Vice President. He has structure and influence. He is also a political juggernaut with the Hausa Fulani Moslem advantage.

Please wait! Do not crucify me yet.

I know his age. He is supposed to be older than Jagaban, but looks fitter!

Atiku has the clout and ability to deliver. Why do I believe this?

Ode ode gwa bhe egen no sole!(Esan parable).

All politics is local and it’s about self interest. All of the people vying for office and their supporters are fighting for their interests. Do not be deceived!

To that extent I have decided that at this time of our political development, I will seek my self interest. And here it is!

The Chairman of PDP is my brother Inlaw. His children are my nephews and nieces. My younger sister is married to him. He is very close to Atiku.

Pragmatically, I will be able to influence Atiku through him to do something for my village and town more than I can of Tinubu or Obi.

Be frank!!

Nigeria has not got to the place of exerting influence on the basis of the ‘right thing yet’. This election will also not guarantee that. It is evolving but we are far from being there at this time. All of them are playing the ethnic card. Why won’t I?

I know I can wake Dr. Ayu up at night and ask him for help. I cannot do that with Obi or Tinubu.

*What am saying is that I am Obi at heart and Atiku in pragmatism. A vote for Atiku is one for my family. I will rather paddle my own canoe first, before steering another’s ship.

Therefore on Saturday I urge my good friends and relatives to vote Atiku.

Man wey dey cry, dey see!!!

-Pastor Chryss wrote in from the United States of America.

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