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Opinion: Re: Nigeria is one of the Safest Place to Live in’, Another Lie-spell According to Saint Lai Mo


By Peter Egbuchua

Where outright falsehood, misinformation and disinformation are at the core of State propaganda, where the instrumentality of State defense devolves on lies and chicanery, where mendacity and perfidy constitute the crucible of State information policy, and when the Minister of Information is the chief purveyor of deceit and lies, the ethical, intellectual, moral and spiritual fabric of the nation is threatened.

Sometimes, indeed most times when I am compelled to listen to the Press Briefings of Saint Lai Mohammed, I first clear the coast by ensuring that my kids and the very young are not in view because they must as it were be protected from the feast of falsehood that oftentimes liter his press conferences. Saint Lai has elevated lying to an Act of State, such that every parent must be concerned about what his lying-spell portends for posterity.

Saint Lai is determined to redefine the entire architecture regarding our morality as a people of faith, and as a nation that would rather grow kids that defer to truth. Today, young people have adopted refrains like, ‘if you sabi lie, you lie pass Lai?’, ‘only good liars qualify as Aides and appointees of the present government’, ‘Oga Lai Mohammed can lie sha!’, ‘what’s in a name, like Lai like liar’, and I am glad that my Egbon, Saint Lai Mohammed knows that none of the refrains here are mine. If he doesn’t like them, for the good of our children and for good values, he should turn a new leaf…

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