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Oshiomole Accuses Obaseki Of Masterminding Thugs To Attack Him


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Adams Oshiomhole, the National Chairman of the All Progressives Congress (APC), on Saturday accused the Edo State Governor, Godwin Obaseki of sponsoring thugs to attack him at the Benin Airport yesterday.

According to This Day, He said: “Yes, I was attacked by thugs sponsored by the State Governor,”

Oshiomhole also spoke at length about his ordeal in the hands of thugs whom he said were acting on the governor’s directives.

He also lamented the role played by the Edo State Commissioner of Police whom he accused of failing to arrest the thugs.

He said he flew into Benin to honour an invitation by a member of their party, Hon. Agbonanyinma for the burial of his mother.

He said: “I actually got information that the governor was trying to prevent me from coming to Benin and that thugs were being mobilized to stop me. I called the Commissioner of Police about it and asked him to do something.”

He then added: “He said he was however surprised when on his way to the airport the Commissioner of Police called him to say “he doesn’t want me to come because the governor doesn’t want me to come. I asked him why? And he said because of the situation at the airport and the number of thugs that had converged there. I said but you know the thugs, he said ‘yes’. I said; you know that they were sent by the governor, he said ‘yes’. He even said the governor’s CSO is there and one retired DSP. I said you know the thugs and the man who sent them, you also know their leaders if you cannot do anything to stop the governor because he has immunity fine, but the thugs don’t have immunity. Why don’t you arrest them? Why will you ask me instead, not to come to attend a private function because the governor does not want me to come to Benin. I told him I’m coming and that it is for him to provide necessary security.

“So, I landed in Benin. With the aid of the security personnel at the airport, I was able to get out of the plane to the lounge and proceeded to the car and the thugs were stoning my convoy. Well, I got home safe. You have seen the photographs of the vehicles.

They even had to move armoured tanks to the airport. I went to the function I came for and came back home. By the time I got home, the governor had ordered his people to use two trucks to block the road to my house. You can’t access my house from either side. My house is on a T- Junction. They blocked both roads.”

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Oshiomhole accused his attackers of planning to bomb his residence at night, he said: “I have information that they would send boys to throw bombs into the house and that no one would be able to come to my aid. With that information, I called the CP, he said yes, the governor ordered the blockade of my house because he did not authorise my visit. I told him I came on a private visit and I don’t need the Governor’s authorisation. I came to attend a burial ceremony of the mother of one of our members. Why do I need approval of the governor to attend the function? They said the governor also said that he didn’t want anybody to come and visit me in my house in the evening. But then why should people not be able to come to my house? Am in a solitary confinement?

I called the Inspector General of Police who then called the CP to provide additional security for my house. It was only after the IG called the CP that he sent additional security to my house. Right now I think they are trying to tow the trucks away.” 

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