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The Department of State Services has uncovered plans by some criminal elements to return the country to the pre-2015 era of IED attacks on soft and hard targets in parts of the country.

A statement by the public relations Officer of the service Dr. Peter Afunanya indicates that Though there are already reported cases of such incidents in some areas, the Service has uncovered the ploy by  the suspected criminal gangs to forge an alliance among themselves with a view to launching further attacks on critical infrastructure and other frequented public places like worship and relaxation centres,  especially during and after the holidays and festive celebrations.

The objective the service said is to achieve some self- serving interests as well as cause fear among the citizenry.


The DSS enjoins patrons, owners and managers of aforementioned public places to be wary of this development and implement basic security measures to deter the threats. While the Service is committed to the disruption of this trend and pattern of violent attacks, it will continue to partner with other security agencies to ensure that necessary drills are emplaced.



Meanwhile, the service urges residents to go about their lawful businesses and share, with security and law enforcement agencies, useful information on the activities of criminals.

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