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Dear sir/ma

The Nigerian Senate represents the last hope for Nigerians. You represent our collective interests and opinions. It is on this premise that we write to you in regard to the 17000 federal civil servants whose salaries were stopped on the basis of either incomplete or non-IPPIS physical verification.

We were asked to go to the Public Service Institute, Kubwa, Abuja, by the Office of the Head of Civil Service of the Federation for physical verification with our credentials and an online printout in the month of October between October 16th and 27th.

Prior to that time, our salaries had been stopped by September, and two months after we had been through with the exercise, salaries are yet to be paid to the affected officers.

This tells us a lot, as the country’s economic situation is harsh. We have been working without salaries for 2 months now and have no hope for a November salary.

Many of us do not have another source of income. Some of our colleagues from the Northern States lost their lives in a ghastly motor accident on their way to Abuja, trying to meet up with the exercise. Pregnant women had miscarriages at the center due to the hard conditions we were subjected to. Series of injuries were sustained, and important documents were lost or missing.

Sir/Ma, this situation has caused countless numbers of children to be out of school because we can’t afford to pay their school fees. For some of our dependents who are on drugs, their situations are getting worse due to the lack of salaries. Look at the cost of transportation to our offices and the cost of things in the markets today. All these are what we are facing.

We implore you, sir or ma, to use your good office to come to our aid, as we don’t want to continue to be victims of this situation that has cost many of their lives.Please help us appeal to the Head of Civil Service of the Federation to approve payment for verified officers. We need our salaries to be restored and paid this month.We appreciate your response.

Thank you.

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