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Veteran Performer, Emma Ogosi Speaks On New Vision To Save Polio Victims


By Emmanuel Iriogbe.

The name Chief Emma Ogosi needs little or no introduction before taking his place of pride in Africa’s showbiz and societal hall of fame

His life story at 76 years of age is a text book classics tale

He Left Secondary school 1962.
Joined the Nigeria Airforce as a cadet officer 1963 to fulfil his childhood desire 
Left the Air force for music in 1967 and till date still in deep Romans with showbiz

But in the new year, Ogosi may be delving into another adventure

He is set to begin his global dream struggle to save polio victims and already armed with a new song for 
POLIO VICTIMS which was written not just to campaign on the eradication of polio but mainly to draw the attention of the general public to the plight if those who are not fortunate enough to escape the scourge.

His new work titled ” POLIO VICTIMS” is a global call for all Hunan’s to take care of them, create jobs, show love etc.

The lyrics of d song, though scanty, say it all.

” It is my life long dream to fight for polio victims, it is not job only for UNICEF and rotary along, my efforts in 
The video is as pictorial as I could make it, in terms of concept etc.
And the thrust is REHABILITATION of victims of polio as against the usual ERADICATION slogan, which is compliment to the all-time eradication campaign.

” My appeal is that 
We should take care of those unfortunate ones for a comprehensive attack on polio.
I want the world to pay attention to that aspect (Rehabilitation) also, I will say more on my visible vision for polio victims and and we can all be part of this dream” he highlighted in a most elaborate interview with us during the weekend

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