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WEIRD: 22-year-old cut his nose and ears to look like a skull


A 22-year-old man has cut off his nose and two ears just to look like a ghost. The 22-year-old is a Colombian known as Kalaca Skull but born Eric Yeiner Hincapie Ramirez.

To achieve his aim, Kalaca Skull has underwent a surgical procedures that include the cutting of his nose, tongue and ears while his eyes are tattooed on his face.

Through surgical means, Kalaca Skull had the lower half of his nose and ear lobes removed.

The process

Kalaca Skull had several parts of his head cut off in his aim to appear like a ghost. In the same vein, his tongue was split in half and tattooed to a blue-grey colour before tattooing large black eye-sockets around his eyes.

Large teeth and hollow space was shaded in ink around his mouth and his hair was shaved into a mow-hawk style to show off his head tattoos.

Mum refused granting 22-year-old wish to cut nose, ears

Kalaca Skull had always wanted to have his wish to look like a ghost with his face appearing like a skull but his mum never granted his wish.

The 22-year-old also noted that he started modifying his face after his mother died because she didn’t approve of it.

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