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Why Wike/Bala ticket must fly in 2023

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Should Fly
By Pen Pushers Last updated Feb 21, 2022


By Emmanuel Iriogbe

A governor Bala Mohammed and governor Nyesom Wike ticket for PDP in the forthcoming presidential election is my choice any day.

They have performed creditably well in delivering dividends of democracy to people of their respective States of Bauchi and Rivers.

They have proven over the years that they are true and loyal party men. They have stuck with the PDP all these years.

They are both apostles of the GEJ philosophy on performance and politics of no bitterness.

Governor Bala Mohammed of Bauchi State has carved a niche for himself through what he is doing in the State, and what he has done for FCT and the nation at large when he was Minister in the Goodluck Jonathan administration.

This is one Nigerian that is so detribalised and is always ready to serve his motherland.

He remains the true builder of modern day Federal Capital Territory. A silent builder that is highly underrated because he does not believe in using the media to blow his ego, despite been a journalist of repute before venturing into the murky waters of Nigerian politics.

As a practicing journalist, I was privileged to have embarked on tour through the efforts of his Special Adviser on Projects Monitoring, Malam Musa Azare, in seeing through what he is putting in place to make life safe and prosperous for his people.

Bauchi has remained one of the very few States in the North where the bloodlets in the country is totally absent. In the entire North East geopolitical Zone, Bauchi is the safest State. This, I see as due to the astute leadership quality of Bala Mohammed.

Gov. Nyesom Wike as Minister of Education in charge of secondary education, gave breath to our Unity Schools that were struggling to survive years of neglect.

It is on record that then President of Old Boys Association, Late Albert Okunmagba had to constitute a Committee to bring to life the then moribund Unity Schools due to government neglect.

His developmental projects in Rivers State since coming to power close to eight years ago have seen him nicknamed ‘Mr. Projects’.

He has demonstrated his Nigerianess by his forthright and progressive response to developmental strides and the slide of the country into anarchy by the present administration.

My intent for this piece is not for pecuniary benefits but to urge the stakeholders in the PDP to look before they leap in their choice of those they will present to the country. After all, I have not met both men physically.

My group is ready to foist a leadership on the country that we all will be proud of.

Emmanuel Copi Iriogbe, is an Abuja based journalist

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