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Buhari Extends Tenure of Immigration Boss by 2 Years


*Officers Kick

By Emmanuel Iriogbe, Abuja

Officers and men of the Nigerian Immigration Service, NIGS, are saddened by President Buhari’s decision to elongate the tenure of present Controller General, Babanded for another 2 years

According to aggrieved officers who spoke to PenPushers on condition of anonymity said the NISCG. was a despot who has no regard for opinion of others. Their fear they disclosed is his penchant of tampering with their promotion. The exercise they said is surpossed to be a board affair and not that of an individual.

“He once boosted that even if you score 101 percent, your promotion is not guaranteed. He decides what he wants to promote. He does not care about officers welfare. An aggrieved officer said.

The officer wondered if there must always be an extension for all heads of Agencies. ‘Are there no competent hands that can take over. Is it a one man’s business. What does a man want to achieve that he could not in 35 years. ‘

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