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Christmas gift fallout: Taraba Youths Petition Gov.


Open Later to the Excutive Governor of Taraba State
Arc Darius Dickson Ishaku.
Taraba Youths are Treated like they are nothing by the SA Political and Perm Secretary Deputy Governors Office.
Sir the DDI VANGUARD 4 CONTINUITY 2019 has been in existence since the day You where sworn in as the excutive Governor of our Dear State Taraba, we are committed to your Policies to develop Taraba State and we have been 100%Loyal to the Party PDP.
My name is Hon Disebe S Bala Donga
Chairman of the of one of Your Campaign organisation we are Located here in Jalingo Opposite the Trade Fair Taraba state .
Sir we will love to draw Your attention to How we where treated by People who dont Celebrate Christmas, the Perm Secretary asked us to come down as a group to be given our Christmas Cow when we got to the venue as at about 9am and we left in pains and insult that we should go back to your SA Political Abubakar Bawa if not we should get out from the premises.
No1 when we got to the place where the Cows are distributed apart from 1 of ur SA,s Gamsu who is celebrating Christmas non was given any Cow . The group who we all saw there where Boys from Angwan Gadi who dont Celebrate Christmas and never voted and will never vote for u come 2019 54days from this date 25th Dec.
2. Is it that we dont have Elders who are celebrating Christmas today that can deliver this assignment same Perm Secretary who will vote u come 2019 and SA political will Share Gift on Salah day and share for Christmas instead of handing over to dedicated Youths who are celebrating this day rather in our before we where insulted as the day is carried by Youths from Agwan Gadi.
Finally Sir we want to call on You that since we are nothing to You in this political movement we will not withdraw our support from You but will shutdown all our social media groups and also close down our Parliament oppsite Trade Fair.
The Hausa man kaso mai sonka
We will never be intimidated Sir by this people, we will be the 1 to go down to our various LGA to vote for governance while they will end up controlling the government, given Juicy office and insult us. Our Mumu don do if we are not needed please tell us so that we can locate a place where we will be treated as Kings.
The single Handedly built the Paliament with Over 200,000,00 we made Political Banners without going to any Politician for an assistance we spent 100 of Thousand on Logistis to take care of the Youth who visit for the Love of this government yet we are treated as we are beggars on Christmas day from people who dont Celebrate The birth of Jesus Christ.
I will love to close my latter here Sir by saying that we will always pray for u and wish You Sucess in the forth coming Electio .
Hon Amb Disebe S Bala Donga.

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