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Daura’s Loyalists making moves to remove Magu


Daura’s loyalists reportedly making serious moves following sack.

Some persons loyal to Lawal Daura are reportedly planning to get Magu removed – They reportedly claimed Magu has a had in in his sack – A southwest governor governor is reportedly part of the plot Loyalists of sacked director-general of the Department of State Services (DS), Lawal Daura, are reportedly making moves to get the acting chairman of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC), Ibrahim Magu sacked. Daura was removed from his position by then acting president following siege on the National Assembly by DSS operatives. The Nation reports that a source claimed loyalists of Daura were working towards getting Magu removed because they felt he had a hand in his removal.  “Those loyal and sympathetic to the ex-DG of DSS are up in arms by mounting pressure on the President to overhaul the nation’s security and anti-corruption architecture. “They specifically demanded the sack of the NSA and Magu too. “They alleged that the ex-DSS DG was sacrificed in the absence of the President to ease him out of the equation in the presidency. “They also alleged that the removal of Daura was timed to achieve a purpose for the NSA and the EFCC boss. “Some of these forces even added spiritual connotations to the sack of Daura. They said some marabouts did the job on behalf of some key figures around the President. “It is unfortunate that a governor from the South-West, who has links with a few corrupt ones, has been vehement in the sack of Magu.” “Those backing Daura’s sack prevailed on the President not to bow to pressure to remove the NSA and Magu who has done so much to put the anti-corruption fight on proper footing. “Some of the lobbyists and influential people from the Northwest are alleged to be getting tired of the Northeast elements around President Buhari. They are asking him to remove a few of these Northeast hands including the NSA and Magu.” Another source said: “Some of us are worried at the latest twist to the sack of the former DG of DSS. Some loyalists and a few influential kitchen cabinet members are trying to personalize the sack by fingering the NSA and Magu. “The NSA and Magu had nothing to do with the fate of Daura. It was not a case of investigation for corruption or any financial crimes; it had to do with wrongful deployment of forces on a critical arm of government, which is the Legislature (the National Assembly). “The vice president, Prof. Yemi Osinbajo, who was then the Acting President, had told the nation that the disciplinary measure was necessary to end impunity in the country. He described the DSS operatives’ invasion of the National Assembly as ‘a gross violation of constitutional order, rule of law and accepted notions of law and order.’ “Attributing such removal to the NSA and Magu will be unfair. It is even sad that a Southwest governor is among those driving this latest initiative to achieve selfish ends. “The vice president also stayed away from elements of bias by disallowing the NSA and the EFCC from being part of the detention and debriefing of Daura in a safe house in Abuja. The Nigeria Police and other security agencies were directed to handle Daura’s matter. “It will be disastrous for Buhari to start his anti-corruption war afresh because the ultimate target is to make the war a failure. Some of us have been warning against these Fifth columnists who are out to bring this administration down.” Penpushers have on good authority that the Department of State Security (DSS) reportedly started releasing some detainees following the sack of its former director-general, Lawal Daura by then-acting president, Yemi Osinbajo. The Nation reports that this seems to be in line with the promise made by its acting director-general, Mathew Seiyefa. During his maiden conference, he reportedly promised to review all cases.

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